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Name:Angels' Radio: A Destiel and Sabriel Fest
Website:Angels' Radio on Dreamwidth
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:A Destiel and Sabriel Fest

General Overview:
Welcome to Angels' Radio: A Destiel and Sabriel Fest! We host a large musical playlist for you to choose from for all your writing and/or drawing needs. Our goal is to find the inspiration that lies in the words and melodies of the songs that have lasted throughout many generations. By using these songs, our fellow shippers will turn them into the untold stories of Dean Winchester/Castiel and Sam Winchester/Gabriel.

As always, Angels' Radio is about having fun and spreading the love of our favorite ships. Sure it’s a competition between teams, but it’s really more about making friends, telling stories, and having a good time.

Rules and Timeline & Sign Up Information:
For fest Rules, click here.
For fest Timeline & Sign Up Information, click here.

  • Playlist 2014
  • Playlist 2015
  • Playlist 2016

    Message the Mods:
    angelsradiomods or email us at

    General Disclaimer:
    All fanfiction and fanart in angels_radio are created without making profit. The lyrics and music contained within are owned by their respective artists, unless stated otherwise. All recognizable characters belong to Eric Kripke, Kripke Enterprises, and the CW and WB television networks.

    Artist/Author Disclaimer:
    As an artist and/or author of this community, you give the mods at Angels' Radio permission to post your art and/or fanfiction on your behalf at other Destiel and/or Sabriel related communities and on the fest's Tumblr page. If you do not wish to have your art and/or fanfiction posted, please contact the mods.

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    Make sure to visit deancastiel and gabrielsam for all your Destiel and Sabriel needs!
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